The Little Things: Headphone Audio Levels

One of things like enjoy about iOS is the attention to detail and inclusion of features that few people would think to ask for, but that vastly improve our quality of life. One such thing is the ability to keep track of audio levels of your headphones over time. If you are using headphones that support this feature (no surprise – Apple and Beats both do) then you’ll see entries in the Health app when you play audio from your iPhone or Apple Watch (phone calls, and sounds played from an iPad or Mac are not included) you’ll see a log of the decibel level and clear advice on whether you’ve been playing your music too loud. I wish this feature had been available on iPods when they first came out. Since I was 23 I’ve had mild tinnitus, likely down to listening to music on the bus every day as I went to and from college. Now I can make sure my dB level never is never too high, and even try to keep it as low as possible (thanks to noise cancelling headphones).

Headphone audio levels on iOS

Yet one more feature Apple have added to iOS that would make it difficult to switch to Android. 

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