Why Zoom and not FaceTime?

Bradley Chambers writing on 9to5Mac:

The rise of Zoom could be the headline for the 2020 technology scene. Zoom has replaced classrooms, board meetings, concerts, and even some low budget sporting events. What I find interesting about Zoom is how it took off for video communications while we had other services that were better in a lot of ways. I particularly want to look at FaceTime during COVID-19, and how despite having a nearly decade long existence and being built into every iOS and macOS device, it didn’t have its ‘Zoom’ moment, and why Zoom became the new default group video service. It doesn’t work on Windows, Android, and the web

Bradley Chambers – 9to5Mac

There have long been rumours that Apple have FaceTime and iMessage running on Android in a bunker somewhere. The global health crisis and resulting lockdown would have been the perfect opportunity to put customers before the need to lock them into an ecosystem, and release them both for Android. If it’s not already a product that’s ready to go, then I can’t see a good reason not to build it now. I don’t buy an iPhone because it has FaceTime or iMessage, and I’m not sure who would. Messaging and video calling are now commoditised. WhatsApp, Houseparty and of course Zoom are ubiquitous and cross platform. In the end, it’s because of Apple’s stubbornness that their own customers are forced to use less secure, less privacy-aware battery-draining alternatives.

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