There is no such thing as “Common Sense”

Linda Geddes writing for New Scientist:

You are most likely to catch the SARS-CoV-2 virus by spending a long time near an infected person in an enclosed space. Researchers in Guangzhou, China, examined how the virus was transmitted between 347 people with confirmed infections and the people they had contact with. They found that the risk of the infection being passed on at home or by repeated contact with the same person was approximately 10 times greater than the risk of passing it on in a hospital and 100 times greater than doing so on public transport (medRxiv,

Probably the most informative, accessible and actionable article I’ve read about minimising Coronavirus infection.

It’s all very well asking people to use “common sense“, but vast swathes of the population don’t know how viruses spread. Take for example the tradesperson who came to visit my house recently to fix a problem with a door. While he demonstrated plenty of common sense in being able to fix the problem (10 minutes to fix something that I had spent hours trying to fix and couldn’t), he also wore a face-mask so low down on his face that I could see his top lip. One motto I’ve taken with me throughout my life is that there is no such thing as “common sense”.

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