Making the Apple Watch Less Stress Inducing

If you own an Apple Watch, I highly recommend turning off the “Notifications Indicator” – the red dot at the top of the screen that indicates something is waiting for your attention. For me, it was an itch I just had to scratch. With it turned off, I am less likely to be distracted when simply checking the time, and therefore more in the moment, and far less stressed.

This recommendation of course goes along with the most important piece of advice for Apple Watch users: turn off notifications on the watch for every app except the ones you really care about. For me, this means I mainly have messaging, fitness and authenticator apps going to the watch. Games, Netflix, social networks, and especially news alerts are diverted to my phone (in fact I might just turn off news alerts altogether!).

The notifications indicator can be turned off from the Apple Watch app on your iPhone under “Clock Settings”.

One response to “Making the Apple Watch Less Stress Inducing”

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