Eight Years of Home Screen Curation Gone Thanks to iOS 14

For the past few years I have decided to play it safe and wait for a couple of months for new iOS releases to settle in before updating. This year however, I decided to live on the wild side and upgraded on release day.

Well, I paid the price for installing what is essentially beta software on my phone. Somehow when arranging home screen widgets, the springboard application managed to loose all knowledge of the folders I had created, and the applications I had placed into them – a system I had been building up and had carried over from my iPhone 5 when I switched back from Android in 2012.

I happened to be screen recoding at the time. In the video below, keep an eye on the number of home screens (the dots at the bottom) – watch them change from three to fifteen as all of my carefully curated folders are lost.

I could have restored my device from a backup, I didn’t like the thought of having to reauthorise all my Apple Pay cards and wait for hours while my phone sat there restoring (I’d also loose a day’s worth of messages and photos). In the end, I’ve decided to fully embrace iOS 14’s new App Library system, placing a few frequently used apps on the home screen and letting the system sort the other apps into folders for me.

Bugs happen, and while this is technically a data loss bug, the data isn’t that critical. The world’s most valuable company, with all its piles of cash, releasing its software in such a poor state has just served to reenforce the fact that when it comes to software (and possibly products in general), money alone cannot buy success. People and processes are what make successful software. In Apple’s case, I suspect the release date was decided not by engineers, but by the marketing division.

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