Is That Recommended Song an Advertisement?

In what seems to been an inevitable move in the march of awfulness that is much of the tech industry these days, Spotify has announced that it will be giving artists who pay for the privilege a boost in the algorithm that recommends music to its customers.

For many, especially those who listen to commercial radio, this is probably nothing new. The idea of a record label paying to get their acts in front of more listeners is a pretty standard affair. However, the idea these ads might be sold to customers as a personalised recommendations seems creepy to me. I hope they are clearly labelled as ads, even if the artist having paid for promotion is only one of many inputs into the algorithm that ultimately produces the recommendation.

I never really got on with Spotify’s user interface, but I do use Apple Music due to its Siri and Apple Watch integration. The recommendations seem to be very US centric and can be very hit and miss. I’ve found a couple of new artists via Apple Music, but mostly I find most of my new music via 6 Music. I can’t see Apple selling out like this.

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