Salesforce Buys Slack

$27.7 billion, or $250,000 per paying user. It’s a testament to good product management that Slack has maintained is simplicity in the face of competition from Microsoft Teams. In my experience, Slack’s simple emulation of traditional IRC encourages real-time collaboration that is great at the time, but not easy to refer back to after the fact. Microsoft Teams on the other hand presents users with the option of adding a subject line to messages, meaning it gets treated more like email, with threads and replies that can be impossible to follow in real-time. This does however make it easier to find what was said later on.

I don’t use CRM Systems on a daily basis, but I have had to work on products that integrate with them. Salesforce is far easier to use and develop for than Microsoft Dynamics, so I think this deal could bode well for Slack users.

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