AirPods Rapid Warranty Replacement

Kudos to Apple for getting a replacement AirPod Pro out to me within three days of me reporting the fault. Without any notice, a single AirPod arrived at my door in this cute little box. My AirPods Pro had developed the known fault where one of them (in my case the left one) starts to make a rattling/cracking sound with movement. You can hear it when walking fast, and it’s downright horrible when running. I’d also noticed the noice cancellation becoming less efficient, though it was very subtle, I recall having to have the sound much louder in order to hear over traffic.

One tip, if you do get one AirPod replaced then you need to make it pair with your case and the remaining AirPod. To do this, I found I had to unpair the case from my phone, leave the AirPods in the case for a couple of hours while charging, and then go through the usual paring process. if I tried to pair before leaving them for a few hours, they just got stuck with a flashing amber light.

So great service from Apple, but I wish they’d just offered to replace both earbuds. It seems likely at some point in the future my right AirPod Pro is going to have the same issue, but for now they are back in business and Apple’s 2-year warranty programme will take me through to January 2022.

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