Why Do Some Gamers Invert the Y Axis?

The Guardian reports on a new study:

It is one of the most contentious aspects of video game playing – a debate where opposing sides literally cannot see each other’s perspective. When the Guardian ran an article asking why a large minority of game players invert the Y axis on their controls – meaning that they push their joypad’s thumb stick down to move upwards on the screen – the response was huge. Hundreds of comments vociferously arguing why axis inversion was the only way to navigate a game world, and hundreds more incredulously arguing the opposite.

I am one of those people who cannot play a game without inverting the Y axis. I struggled with early 2000’s classic TimeSplitters 2 because back then there was no systemwide setting to change the preference on PlayStation 2 (though I think the original Xbox had one). Why do I have such a preference? I can only think it’s because I used to play a lot of flight simulators, but will keenly await the results of the study.

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