End of Year Housekeeping

A quick and boring housekeeping update:

I’ve changed the domain of this site to be imarc.co.uk. I had originally gone with imarc.me when I started the site earlier this year, but over the summer I jotted down all the domains I own, their annual cost and divided that figure by 12 and realised I was spending more than I wanted to on domain names. I’ve had the .co.uk domain since 2002 and don’t plan on relinquishing it anytime soon, so I figured why not use it? Additionally, the old-school internet user in me still can’t help thinking that any domain not ending in .com, .net, .org or a country TLD isn’t a real domain (Readers who know their Internet history will know that .me stands for Montenegro, and is actually not a generic TLD, but it gets used like one). imarc.co.uk been home to many of my home pages before, including my own CMS at one point. Now it’s home to this blog. The old .me domain will eventually expire and be bought by a domain squatter, so please update your bookmarks/RSS reader. Ultimately, it’s unlikely anyone will notice as content is what really matters, but in my mind, the small things matter too.

Secondly, I’m retiring my old personal blog Lost in Logic. The purpose the site you are reading now was to start afresh and only post content I believe adds something to the nonstop deluge of technology commentary we find online everyday, whereas my older blog was holiday photos intermixed with album reviews with the odd gadget review thrown in. It wasn’t very focused. Moving it between various web hosts over the course of 10 years also took its toll – many of the images are broken in older posts. That said, it’s still fun to be able to look back so I will keep the site online at this new URL: https://archive.lostinlogic.wickens.org.uk (I have migrated a few recent posts over to iMarc as I think they fit its theme). Some of my favourite posts were:

Thank you for reading to the end – wishing you all the best for 2021!

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