Now It’s Amazon’s Turn to Block Parler

Update: 10/01/2021 05:40. Amazon it seems to have listened to me. (Or have come to the view by some other means, which let’s face it, is probably more likely.) Good for them.

After Twitter banned Donald Trump following his attempted coup on Wednesday, it seems many of his followers are leaving Twitter and joining Parler, a self-declared “Free Speech” platform. Google has removed Parler from its Play Store, and Apple has said it plans to do so unless they start moderating content.

While it’s a nice gesture from both Google and Apple, Parler remains only a few taps away as it can still be accessed via a web browser.

Parler is hosted by Amazon. It’s name servers are owned Amazon. Its DNS A records point to Amazon CloudFront (a CDN service). The domain registrar is DreamHost. If credit card companies refusing to do business with porn sites can help change policy, then Amazon refusing to host what Google calls “egregious content” might do the same with Parler.

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