It’s the (iPad) Software, Stuipid

A keyboard! A mouse! But still so many unfulfilled dreams…

As is often the case, Matt Birchler has written something that I agree wholeheartedly with in his post Just Buy a Mac:

Even if Apple goes all the way and lets us resize windows and drag them anywhere we want on screen, I don’t think this suddenly turns the iPad into a Mac. After all, macOS, Windows, and Linux all have resizable windows that work 95% the same, but no one is out there saying that these are all basically the same operating system.

(As an aside, I’d love to know how the word ‘god’ made it into the URL slug – now I really want to know what the original title was!)

What he hits on here is the crux of why the iPad has been a disappointment to me. The first point is that rather than advance tablet computing, Apple seems to have given up and instead opted to imitate the established laptop paradigm. They’re going backwards instead of forwards. If we leave that to one side and accept that the tablet has reached its limits and in order to evolve it must act more like a traditional PC laptop, then the iPad still has the problem that its software is just too limited. The first step to remedy this would be to allow software from sources other than the App Store. There is a vast swathe of open source software and developer tools are are just waiting to be ported to the iPad, but current App Store policies forbid it.

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