Keeping Up to Date With Twitter Without Using Twitter

I try to avoid Twitter or other social media, I’ve come to see it as the equivalent of trashy daytime TV – bad for the mind, and there’s always something much better I could be doing with my time. For many months now I’ve not had any social network apps installed on my phone. I did find however that for Twitter specifically I missed seeing Tweets from a handful of individuals whose posts were more often than not links to intelligent and insightful articles.

To solve this, I’m using a feature of Feedbin – my RSS sync service of choice. Feedbin allows you to include Twitter accounts as part of your RSS feed. This means you don’t have to “follow” the account, you never see how many “likes” or “retweets” a post has, and you can easily read any linked articles alongside other RSS subscriptions. There are no advertisements, no “recommended for you” lists, and best of all, you can’t see any replies either. No snark, no “purity spirals”, no inclination to reply or retweet anything myself. I’ve found that being a passive onlooker instead of an active participant on Twitter drastically reduces its addictiveness.

One response to “Keeping Up to Date With Twitter Without Using Twitter”

  1. […] of reading the news when bored, deleting social media apps from my phone did the same. I found a nice trick that allows me to incorporate a few Twitter accounts into my RSS feeds. Without the temptation to […]


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